Your Stay at Temagami Riverside Lodge

We are happy to provide your kitchen essential items including dish soap and cleaning spray, but we request you bring your own towels, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags and groceries. Please bring enough drinking water for your stay!
Don’t be afraid to contact us if you are passing through and need a place to rest for the night. We will do our best to be welcoming and accommodating.
Check-In Time - 3:00 PM
Check Out Time - 10:00 AM
Minimum two day reservations. Please note during our peak season in July/August we are only booking weekly stays from Saturday to Saturday.
Please refer to cabins below for weekly reservation rates.
We require a $250 deposit to confirm your reservation.
If there are government issued closures due to COVID-19, we will gladly return your deposit.
Reserve Your Cabins

We're Making Improvements!

We are making general improvements to improve your cabin experience. Each cabin will have new Queen beds and new bathrooms installed. As well, we will ensure your cabin is clean and sanitized properly for your piece of mind.
We are also adding a brand new solar system to make your experience more comfortable.

Each Cabin is equipped with the following ameneties:

Propane Stove, Propane Kitchen, Propane lights, French Press coffee maker, Tea pot, Wine glasses, Cups, Cooking utensils, BBQ lighter, Matches, Dishes, Cutlery, Pots and pans (bring your own cast iron pan!), Sofa, Kitchen table and chairs, Hot running shower, Flush toilet, Sink & Beds

We apologize, but we cannot operate toasters or blow dryers in our cabins.
We ask you to be mindful and considerate of the power you are using in your cottage.

Our Cabins at South Camp

Each cabin has a full bathroom and kitchen, however remember we are off-grid and use propane appliances.
Cabin #1 (Sleeps 4)
Weekly Stay: $875.00 + HST
Cabin #2 (Sleeps 4)
Weekly Stay: $975.00 + HST
Cabin #3 (Sleeps 4)
Weekly Stay: $975.00 + HST
Cabin #4 (Sleeps 4)
Weekly Stay: $975.00 + HST
Cabin #5 (Sleeps 8)
Weekly Stay: $1100.00 + HST